02.14.14 taxidermy

'Taxidermy' book by Alexis Turner

Somehow I must have overlooked that the book 'Taxidermy' by Alexis Turner has already been published last year. "From style wilderness to height of cool, taxidermy has staged an extraordinary comeback as this dramatic book shows ..." is a perfect description. This book has been published by THAMES & HUDSON, London. Pictures are great, price is fair, 'Skeletons in the closet' is included...

Thames & Hudson

2014-02-15 09:45:40

02.14.14 nature morte 02

02.14.14 nature morte 01

'Nature Morte' book by Michael Petry

'Nature Morte - Contemporary Artists Reinvigorate the Still Life' is am opulent and beautiful book by Michael Petry, director of the MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART in London. It focuses on the growing popularity of still life in contemporary fine art and features artists from all over the world, including Damien Hirst, Ai Wei Wei, David Hocknay, Sam Taylor-Wood and many others. I have the pleasure to be included with images from two series, 'One Third' and 'Skeletons in the closet'. 'Nature Morte' has been published by THAMES & HUDSON, London. The german version will be published in March, 2014.

Thames & Hudson

2014-02-14 22:15:49

02.14.14 neumarkt1

02.14.14 neumarkt 2

02.14.14 neumarkt

Theater Neumarkt, Zürich

One image (the Cookie Monster) from 'Just the two of us' got selected for the cover series (10 different covers by 10 different artists) of the hardbound programme book 2014 for the THEATE NEUMARKT in Zürich, Switzerland.

Theater Neumarkt

2014-02-14 11:56:03

02.14.14 clervaux1

02.14.14 clervaux2

Clervaux - cité de l'image

I am invited to exhibit 'Middle Class Utopia' at the 'Cité de l'image' - festival in Clervaux, Luxembourg. This festival is taking place in public spaces in Clervaux, the photographs are getting mounted onto big billboards and will be exhibited in different public spots in the city. Clervaux is famous for hosting the permanent exhibition of Edward Steichen's 'The Family of Man', an enormous exhibition which was originally compiled for the MoMa in New York in 1955 (with works from photographers like Ansel Adams, Robert Capa, Dorothea Lange, Henri Cartier- Bresson a.o.) and is shown in Clervaux castle since 1994. The 'Cité de l'image' - festival is an annual framework for the huge exhibition in the castle. I really like the idea that 'Middle Class Utopia', focusing on private allotment gardens, will be shown in a public space, namely in 'Les Jardins du Bra'haus'. The exhibition opening will take place on May 5th, 2014, the pictures will be shown until May 4th, 2015.

Clervaux - cité de l'image

2014-02-14 09:48:52

Falter Steiermark

The writers of Austrian weekly newspaper FALTER, in persona Tiz Schaffer and Maria Motter, asked for an interview on 'One Third' and made a really nice and clever story out of it. I appreciate it if writers take time for the interview, ask clever questions and finally distill it into a story which all sums it up perfectly. Thanks for that!


2014-02-11 22:51:54

Règles de L'art

Feature on the blog Règles de L'art by Mark Stephen Baigent.

Have a look here.

2014-02-10 23:19:10

26.01.14. canisibus

Caritas Canisibus

The CANISIBUS is a project of CARITAS VIENNA, operated 365 days a year and dedicated to feed the homeless. Every evening, two busses (the ‘Canisibus’ and the ‘Francescobus’) are driving to 8 different stations in Vienna, where all in all 130 litres of soup and some hundred slices of bread are given to homeless people. The heroes of this project are a bunch of volunteers who prepare the soup and drive to the stations on a weekly or, in some cases, even daily basis. I had the honour to accompany the CANISIBUS for one night and to document the actions and interactions. It has been a very touching night for me. You can donate for this project here:

Caritas Canisibus.

2014-01-29 10:57:02

25.01.14 ADLL2 (2)

Aber das leben lebt

Cover artwork for the upcoming album ‘Figures’ from the Vienna based band ABER DAS LEBEN LEBT, photographed at the Glyptothek of the Academy of Fine Arts. Graphic design by Wolfgang Gosch. The album will be released in the beginning of March 2014 at TRAUERPLATTEN Records.


2014-01-29 10:41:57

25.01.14 Darwin

Darwin Magazine

What a nice review of ‘Skeletons in the closet’, written by Harry Rose for DARWIN MAGAZINE! ”How we view and approach the images is what makes this book and project so successful, it plays into our human nature to go of in wild directions of imagination yet places firm and fitting ideas of serious ideas and question we should discuss about our place in the world, through animal protection an conservation.”

The post on Darwin Magazine.

2014-01-28 20:17:57

25.01.14 ARTE

TV Feature in 'Arte Metropolis'

Finally! The long version of the TV feature on ‘just the two of us’, directed by Tim Lienhard, will be shown at ARTE’s ‘Metropolis’ at 4.50 PM. I am looking forward, and I hope you will find time to tune in.

Watch the feature here.

2014-01-28 20:17:32

25.01.14 ToneLit

TONElit Magazine

Check out the new issue of Katie Stretton’s beautiful TONELIT Magazine, including great photo projects and a feature/interview on ‘just the two of us’.

Download the current issue here.

2014-01-28 20:16:57

25.01.14 Eyecurious

Eyecurious Blog

‘Skeletons in the closet’ on the great EYECURIOUS Blog. Great to be featured there – EYECURIOUS is highly recommended if you are into photography (and even if you are not).

Find the post here.

2014-01-28 20:16:36

26.01.14 Graz

'One Third' in Graz

It is with great pleasure that my first solo exhibition in Graz is going to happen. ‘One Third’ will be shown at the RATHAUSGALERIE Graz (Landhausgasse 2, 8010 Graz, Austria) from Februar 6th to March 7th, 2014. The opening will be taking place on February 5th at 6.30PM. I’ll be there, and I hope you will join.


2014-01-28 20:15:41

26.01.14. La Repubblica

La Repubblica

‘One Third’ is featured on the website of Italian newspaper LA REPUBBLICA.

The post on La Repubblica.

2014-01-28 20:15:12

26.01.14. Das Erste

ARD / Das Erste

A short version of the TV feature on ‘Just the two of us’, directed by Tim Lienhard, is broadcasted on ARD-DAS ERSTE’s programme ‘ttt – titel thesen temperamente’.

Watch the feature here.

2014-01-28 20:14:49

26.01.14. colin pantall

'One Third' on Colin Pantall's Blog

A really, really, really (really, really) nice text/ blog post on ‘One Third’, written and posted by COLIN PANTALL (he’s the man!):

The post on the (THE!) blog

2014-01-28 20:14:21

26.01.14. The setup

The Setup

NERD ALERT! Online magazine THE SETUP has been asking me some questions on my photo and editing gear. If you want to have a look over my shoulders, you should read this post:


2014-01-28 20:14:00

26.01.14. johan brink

Best of 2013, best of 2013.

Thank you JOHAN BRINK for selecting my books ‘One Third’ and ‘Skeletons in the closet’ to your best of- list of 2013.


2014-01-28 20:13:33

26.01.14. photo-eye

'Best of' at Photo - Eye List

I am extremely happy about the fact that the ‘One Third’ book made it into COLIN PANTALL’s ‘Best Books 2013′ selection. His list is a contribution to the ‘list of the lists’ published by PHOTO-EYE mailorder. Browsing through lists of Colin and the other persons who have been invited to share their best ofs is heavily recommended - you will get an overview on the most relevant photobooks 2013. Find Colin’s list here:

The list on Photo-Eye.

2014-01-28 20:12:51

26.01.14. Klausey

Klausey Psychus

…and now to something completely different: KLAUSEY PSYCHUS. It has been a personal wish for a long time to add a tongue-out-of-cheek photo comment to the stereotype images of Mrs. M. This photo is a quote to a picture of Mrs. M., originally made by the pathetic Mr. Richardson (google for the original). Thanks to Heidi Kubart for the Make-up!

2014-01-28 20:12:31

26.01.14. Stadtschrift


Besides being a photographer, I am also active in an association called STADTSCHRIFT, founded by Roland Hörmann and Birgit Ecker. This association collects and conserves old storefront sings and letters which otherwise would be destroyed. In the past two years, the association has collected more than 30 logos (some of them well-known in Vienna). Our future plan is to create a museum for these letters. Our first step into the light of public is a small exhibition called ‘STADTSCHRIFT – ausgelesene Wiener Schriftzüge’ where 15 of the letters are mounted in a small premise. The exhibition will be opened from November 21, 2013 to January 31st, 2014 at the Lerchenfelderstrasse 141 in Vienna. More infos here:

Stadtschrift on Facebook.

2014-01-28 20:12:04

26.01.14. photo-eye II

My books on Photo - Eye

My books are finally available at PHOTO-EYE bookstore, the United State’s leading photo book mailorder. If you live in the States and want to order my books with domestic shipping costs, have a look here:

Photo-Eye Bookstore

2014-01-28 20:11:40

26.01.14. comment

A kind Message

I really like mail messages like this one: “I am currently 14 weeks pregnant with twins and while viewing your “One Third” series I could feel quite an assortment of reactions. Visually stimulating (to say the least) but my other senses were, simply put, assaulted! While viewing the images I could smell and taste the wasted food and was physically ill, yet couldn’t stop looking. Very well done.” Thanks a lot!

2014-01-28 20:10:51

26.01.14. bint

Bint Photobooks

…...and another ‘best of’ list with the ‘Skeletons…’ included, this time by BINT PHOTOBOOKS. Thanks!

Bint Photobooks.

2014-01-28 20:09:35

26.01.14. indie photobook library

Indie Photobook Library

‘Skeletons in the Closet’ is now included in the INDIE PHOTOBOOK LIBRARY, one of the major online resources on self-published books. Thanks, Larissa!

Indie Photobook Library.

2014-01-28 20:09:14

26.01.14. wetransfer


I am happy to see the rotting strawberries featured as one of the wallpaper testimonials on WETRANSFER.COM, the most reliable data transfer platform in the interwebs.


2014-01-28 20:08:54

26.01.14. krone

Neue Kronen Zeitung (!)

It’s kind of a strange feeling to get interviewed and featured in Austria’s biggest (and most evil) Newspaper KRONEN ZEITUNG. Have I done something wrong?!?!? The strange feeling got even stranger when I found out that this is one of the best articles on me and my works ever published.

2014-01-28 20:08:29

26.01.14. feature shoot

Feature Shoot

Thanks to FEATURE SHOOT! It's great to be featured on one of my daily reads. FEATURE SHOOT has been one of the very first blogs that has ever posted about my photos, around four years ago. Thanks for that!

The post on Feature Shoot.

2014-01-28 20:08:05

26.01.14. mantus pass

Mantus Pass Hainfeld

These images are some kind of a ‘sidekick’ of ‘just the two of us’. When I visited people with elaborate costumes to make pictures for the series, I sometimes also was asked to take pictures for the purposes of the costume owners or the communities they are members of. These images show members of MANTUS PASS HAINFELD, one of the most active and creative Krampus communities in eastern Austria. Mantus Pass Hainfeld.

Mantus Pass Hainfeld.

2014-01-28 20:07:42

26.01.14. Nerdcore


Feature on one of my favourite blogs: NERDCORE.


2014-01-28 20:07:17

26.01.14. Fragile Eikon

Fragile - curated by EIKON at Bawag Contemporary

Installation view “Fragile -curated by EIKON” at BAWAG CONTEMPORARY in Vienna. Clever idea to present the artworks in anonymous transportation boxes – especially since this is the last exhibition in this location. Just numbers and prices give a clue which artwork by which artist could be in which box. 60 boxes, 60 artworks, 60 artists (including me). I really like this concept! The exhibition is running until December 15th. Photo Credit: EIKON

More infos here.

2014-01-28 20:06:49

26.01.14. spiegel

Spiegel Online

Feature on ‘just the two of us’, published on the website on one of Germany’s biggest magazines, DER SPIEGEL.

Find it here.

2014-01-28 20:06:11

26.01.14. Fstoppers


“I myself have never had the desire to participate in this fantasy world that people create, but I find the idea behind it amazing and unique”. A nicely written text about ‘just the two of us’ on the FSTOPPERS Blog.


2014-01-28 20:05:20

26.01.14. ny times

New York Times LENS Blog

Feature on ‘just the two of us’ on the NY TIMES LENS Blog. Great! Great! Great! Great! Great! Great! Great! Great! Great! Great! Great! Great! Great! Great! Great! Great! Great! Great! Great! Great! Thanks Kerri MacDonald!

The post on NY Times LENS.

2014-01-28 20:04:58

26.01.14. wired


WIRED, one of my all-time-favourite magazines, made a nice story about ‘just the two of us’ on their RAW File Blog.

Wired online.

2014-01-28 20:02:55


'One Third' in Oslo, Norway

As some of you might know, I did a cooperation with SIEMENS SCANDINAVIA over an initiative, founded by SIEMENS, on the food waste issue. SIEMENS was launching a campaign against food waste (and besides that presented a new generation of smart fridges, which are capable of keeping food fresh for a much longer period of time than fridges of the older generations). The initiative is in cooperation with an array of different NGOs in the nordic countries, which are all addressing the food waste issue. My series 'One Third' is the official face of this cooperation, and I had the honour to be invited to show the exhibition at the campaign launch. The exhibition took place at the grea design hotel THE THIEF and was hosted by THE APARTMENT Gallery. I had a great time in Oslo. Thanks to everyone involved! And good luck for the initiative!

Here's a feature on Nowegian Newspaper Horecanytt online.

2014-01-28 20:02:06

26.01.14. donaupark


A first glimpse into my current long-time commission, portraying the ‘Donaupark (danube park) in Vienna. The results will be presented at an exhibition in the WIENMUSEUM, opening in April 2014.


2014-01-28 08:15:07

26.01.14. caritas


The new sujet image for the current billboard ad campaign of social institution CARITAS. Shot at 'Haus St. Bernadette' in Breitenfurt near Vienna.


2014-01-28 08:14:45

26.01.14. GUP

GUP- guide to unique photography

A very positive review of the ‘Skeletons in the closet’ book in the durch magazine GUP – GUIDE TO UNIQUE PHOTOGRAPHY.

GUP Magazine

2014-01-28 08:13:19

26.01.14.tabu depot

Tabu Depot

The basement shark is the cover photo model for the book ‘TABU DEPOT’ by Martina Griesser-Stermscheg, published by BOEHLAU Verlag.

Boehlau Verlag.

2014-01-28 08:12:58

26.01.14. lead awards

Lead Awards 2013

Is extremely happy about being awarded with one of the LEAD AWARDS 2013. This award is the most important award for people and publishers involved in print and online magazines, photographers, art directors, graphic designers etc. in the German-speaking countries. It is donated by the GRUNER & JAHR publidhing house in Hamburg, Germany.

Lead Awards 2013.

2014-01-28 08:12:39

26.01.14.rokkos adventures

Rokko's Adventures # 13

The new issue (#13!!!) of my favourite magazine in the whole wide world, ROKKO’S ADVENTURES, is finally out now. Get your copy here:

Rokkos Adventures

2014-01-27 14:05:18

26.01.14.skeletons book

'Skeletons in the closet' is finally finished!!!

FINALLY! ‘Skeletons in the closet’ book is finished! Pre-order your copy now!


2014-01-27 14:05:02

26.01.14.eikon schaufenster

Eikon Schaufenster

Installation shot from ‘One Third’ at the EIKON Schaufenster at QUARTIER 21/ Museumsquartier Wien. More Infos:


2014-01-27 14:04:42

26.01.14. someone I know

Someone I Know

Is happy about being part of Stuart Pilkingtn’s curatorial project SOMEONE I KNOW. The concept from this online exhibition is that invited photographers from all around the world are submitting a portrait of someone they know.

More infos on the project.

2014-01-27 14:04:25

26.01.14. the end

This is the End...

… ...of the news section. Bu I promise: from now on I will update this section frequently, and once there are any news, you will find it out here.

2014-01-27 14:04:00