SUJET 2 Final

Color your life

It is with great pleasure to present the first design of an image and advertising campaign I did together with Katharina Schaffer for the german company SCHOCK. Thanks to the open-mindedness of our client, SCHOCK, we had time to experiment and to create images which were fitting to the only two wishes of the client: getting images which are positively confusing, and which are not prominently showing their main product, the granite sinks (although plenty of them are hidden in the images). It has been a completely new territory for me and Katharina to create photo collages consisting of own photos and other footage. Compared to the kind of photography I normally do, everything has been different - the approach, the workflow, the outcome. But I can reveal one thing: I liked it a lot! I will post the other images once they have been put online on the SCHOCK website. Model: Ronni Wood Idea, concept, photography and graphic design: Klaus Pichler & Katharina Schaffer


2014-09-16 15:28:10

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