„The thing is, we are controlled by a compulsion to get rid of dust. Dust, we believe, does not agree with us, because it conceals everything we create. Dust is the devil’s trap, revealed only once it has caught its prey. Haven’t we been forever treading all evil into the dust? Was the snake not cursed to grovel in the dust? Klaus Pichler’s photographs have shaken off the demons. They urge us to look more closely next time we sweep dust and grime onto a pan. We always used to call it dirt, blind to this whole universe. Only now do we realize how privileged dust mites actually are. They live in palaces of amazing beauty and it has never once crossed their minds to vanish into a cloud of dust.“ Josef Haslinger, 2014

Dust # 01: Army Shop

Dust # 03: Bed Articles Store

Dust # 08: Tailor No.1

Dust # 13: Furniture Store No. 01

Dust # 18: General Merchandise Store

Dust # 23: Cafe No. 02

Dust # 27: Pet Shop

Dust # 37: Ethno Fashion Store

Dust # 41: Furniture Store No. 03

Dust # 48: Flat No. 10

Dust # 53: Flat No. 11

Dust # 56: Public School’s Classroom

Dust # 68: Fine Art Photo Gallery

Dust # 78: Fashion Store No. 06

Dust # 80: Art Museum No. 02

Dust # 82: Police Station

Dust # 84: Amusement Park, Shooting Gallery

Dust # 85: Subway Station No. 02

Dust # 86: Soccer Club’s Fanstore No. 02

Dust # 87: Natural History Museum No. 02

Dust # 96: Flat No. 14

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