26.01.14. canisibus

Caritas Canisibus

The CANISIBUS is a project of CARITAS VIENNA, operated 365 days a year and dedicated to feed the homeless. Every evening, two busses (the ‘Canisibus’ and the ‘Francescobus’) are driving to 8 different stations in Vienna, where all in all 130 litres of soup and some hundred slices of bread are given to homeless people. The heroes of this project are a bunch of volunteers who prepare the soup and drive to the stations on a weekly or, in some cases, even daily basis. I had the honour to accompany the CANISIBUS for one night and to document the actions and interactions. It has been a very touching night for me. You can donate for this project here:

Caritas Canisibus.

2014-01-29 10:57:02

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